Keeping Your Bike Secure

It’s inevitable in a city that it’s important to keep your belongings secure and especially your bike on the streets. We’ve put together a few suggestions and tips that will keep your bike secure.

Spend money on a bicycle lock or pay the price

Spend money on a bike lock cyclists or pay the price - Bike Theft Working Group.

  • 4,950 bikes reported stolen in Dublin in 2014, up from 1,873 in 2008.

  • 66% of bikes stolen in Dublin are locked using easy-to-cut locks and chains.

Cyclists need to use better locks and lock their bikes when at home to avoid being victims of bike theft according to a Bike Theft Working Group that has been set up through Dublin City Council.

One in Six Give up Cycling in Dublin as a Result of Bike Theft, Finds Survey of 1,500 People

A survey by Dublin Cycling Campaign shows that one in 6 people who have had a bicycle stolen do not return to cycling, and a further 26% reduce their cycling habits as a result of theft. It is estimated that 20,000+ bikes are stolen annually in Dublin alone, a 100% increase since 2008. This could mean that over 3,000 people stop cycling each year in Dublin due to bike theft, and possibly a further 5,000 reduce the amount they cycle as a result of bike theft.

Here today - gone tomorrow! The latest research on bike theft in Dublin

Do you worry every time you lock your bike that it won’t be there when you get back? If so come along to our February public meeting to hear the results of our bike theft survey. The survey, which is part of our Bike Theft campaign has identified the top locations, times and methods for bike theft in the city. David Timoney, who designed the survey, will present the survey results and an overview of how the campaign is lobbying for measure to reduce bike theft.


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