Bicycles are Back in The Parade!

For the 6th year in succession Dublin Cycling Campaign has been invited to Cyclize the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! The theme of this year’s parade is “Celebrate Now!” and we’ll be celebrating the amazing positives that everyday cycling brings to cities.

The artistic arm of the Campaign, under the guidance of Creative Director Phil Murray, has been working hard for the last month to design an eye-catching space for us. We’re also delighted to have Marion and Róisín from Bloom Fringe on board giving us great support! This year, we will have 40 Dublin Bikes (DBs) so as to create a strong visual effect, plus 20 cargo / children’s bikes. All will adorned with floral baskets, foliage and flags!

We still have some spaces left for you to join our gang! Please note:

1) You MUST commit to participating even if the weather turns out to be cold and damp (thermals / inner leggings / woolly hats etc. highly recommended!).
2) Email ASAP with your name and mobile number. We were over-subscribed last year so this year we will give preference to members of Dublin Cycling Campaign - join now if you are not already a member!
3) Indicate if you propose to use a Dublin Bike (DB) – i.e. most people, or have your own cargo bike and/or plan to bring children on their own little bikes. Parents/guardians need to be responsible for their children on the day.
4) You MUST email us the ID number of your DB hire card ASAP (or else you must get a 3-day pass (info here – say on Sun 15th March - and then email us the details that evening). We need to email all numbers to Dublin Bikes first thing Monday morning 16th March. We will all collect the DB’s from one single point in the North inner city, details to be confirmed soon.
5) We have a (smart) dress code this year to help create a coherent snazzy and sophisticated vibe! Men: shirt, BLUE jacket/blazer, BLUE trousers/jeans, smart shoes; Ladies: BLUE jacket, BLUE dress, trousers/jeans. Children: all GREEN! Accessories need to be YELLOW/GREEN for everyone. Please avoid red and other strong colours that are not BLUE, GREEN AND YELLOW! See how our Dublin Cycling Campaign models above do it!
6) We will provide flowers, flags, banners, flower-pot head-pieces, face-paint etc., but if you have rattlers, whistles, trumpets or other musical instruments you can play while on the move, do bring them!
7) We plan on developing a (dance) routine for our bicycle space and hope to organise a practice session in advance (probably on Sunday afternoon/evening 15th March – details to be figured out soon).

If you’ve any further questions, come along to our meeting this Monday at 8pm! Easier to answer queries then than by lots of emails.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015 (All day)

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