Bicyclists Rock the Picnic!

Dublin Cycling Campaign curated another exciting bicycle space at Global Green as part of Electric Picnic 2015. The bicycle collective was made up of cycling groups from all around the country with the following at its core: Dublin Cycling Campaign, The Bike Institute, Cork Cycling Festival and Clare Cycling Community.

This year built on the successes of previous years with the addition of a new tent for the ridiculously fantastic Goldsprints (A.K.A. The Bike Institute) - tunes were pumping and legs were spinning as festival punters raced off against each other to be crowned Gold Sprints EP Champion 2015! Next door the energy was no less subdued as Picnicers came in their droves to hear more on the benefits of cycling whilst taking a Spin-to-Win on the Wheel-of-Cycling-Fortune - prizes included tattoos, bells, bike lights and great legs to name but a few!

The theme at Global Green in 2015 was ‘steam punk’ and the cyclists did not disappoint: sprocket top hats, a zeppelin trike, a steam-punked cargo bike and black feathers galore were all on show. We also believe there was some good music going on too. Dublin Cycling Campaign would like to thank all those who contributed to a fantastic weekend (you know who you are) and we are very much looking forward to making things even better in 2016!!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015 (All day)

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