Blackglen Road / Harold's Grange Road Improvement Scheme - Campaign Submission

Well done to our expert volunteers in Dublin Cycling Campaign who prepared the (PDF) submission below in response to the public consultation re: proposals for the Blackglen Road / Harolds Grange Road (Rathfarnham/Ballinteer) Improvement Scheme - details here.

Broadly we welcome Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council’s proposals. Though not formally a designated cycle route in the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan, it is still an important leisure route for cyclists and has a growing network of housing developments in the area. The draft proposals can help to increase the safety and comfort of pedestrians and cyclists using the route, which at present is extremely hazardous for these users. This consequent increased level of safety and comfort should, in turn, help to grow cycling numbers.

Our overarching point is that the final design of this cycle route still needs to be of higher quality than the draft proposals and resultant scheme needs to be suitable for commuting and recreational cyclists of all ages. We maintain that the proposed scheme can be improved further - particularly in regard to treatments around bus stops and junctions with side-roads. Crucially, we note the omission of a Road Safety Audit report in the published documentation - such audits are essential to ensure that potentially dangerous elements are spotted as early as possible in the design process.

We are happy to discuss the issues raised in our submission with Council officials and designers at any stage - and indeed to cycle the route with officials should this be deemed useful.

Friday, 12 February 2016 (All day)

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