Castletymon Enhancement Project Submission

The Dublin Cycling Campaign South Dublin sub-group has made a submission on the proposed Castletymon Enhancement Project. We encourage anyone who lives or cycles along this road to make a submission by the deadline of 4 January 2022

Dublin Cycling Campaign welcomes the proposed scheme which will provide cycling facilities and improved pedestrian facilities along Castletymon Road in the vicinity of the shops.

We welcome in particular the provision of

  1. Cycleways that are segregated from the footpaths and from the carriageway
  2. The new signalised crossing at the National Basketball Arena
  3. A bus stop bypass for cyclists
  4. Additional bicycle parking at the shops

We understand that the council has also received NTA funding for a light segregation scheme along all of Castletymon Road. While the cycleway in the Castletymon Enhancement Project is only 250m long, when combined with the light segregation scheme it will provide a safe and convenient cycle route that connects with the Tallaght to Templeogue cycle route and provides access to the many local amenities along the road, including a library, several schools, Tymon Park, the National Basketball Arena and sports pitches.

We note the following:

  • The cycle tracks ending abruptly and will put cyclists in danger as they rejoin the carriageway
  • The cycle tracks are shown with a red surface, which is not consistent with other cycle tracks in the area. A consistent design makes it easier for all road users to understand the layout and know where to expect cyclists.
  • The new signalised crossing should be a toucan crossing to allow cyclists cross to Tymon Park
  • The bicycle parking should be suitable for cargo bikes and disabled bikes.

The cycling elements of the proposed scheme are welcome, and when combined with the light segregation scheme for Castletymon Road, will provide enhanced cycling facilities that will allow people to cycle to the schools, parks and shops along this road. It is important that the light segregation scheme is implemented quickly to achieve the benefits of this scheme.


Monday, 13 December 2021 - 8:15pm

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