Choreographed cyclists impress at the parade!

Dublin Cycling Campaign received really positive feedback from the organisers and viewing public after our St. Patrick’s Day parade performance. With an estimated half a million spectators on the streets, it was a great opportunity to put cycling into the minds of Dubliners and visitors to the capital. As well as our performing team within our 100 strong presence, we had over 20 cargo bikes in the mix showing citizens and tourists the carrying capacity of these amazing machines. We are reminded that there are 40,000 cargo bikes in Copenhagen - and we are working hard to make Dublin much more bicycle friendly so that more people can choose to buy these bikes/trikes.

A huge effort went into bringing it together, all concertina-ed into an incredibly short and hectic period. A special thanks is due to a small but dynamic Campaign Events Team who made it all happen - and, in particular, to our Artistic Director Phil Murray for designing our fetching pink & white suits (contact Phil here and via re: anything on the creative, design and build fronts) and to Choreographer and Dance Artist Amy Kinlon for taking on an unorthodox project at very short notice (contact her on re: dance classes, projects or one-to-one private tuition for all ages and abilities). It was a real pleasure working with the pair of them. Crucially, we want to thank Dublin City Council for proudly supporting us (and coming in at very short notice when other funding options didn’t materialise). A big thanks also to Astrid from The Dutch Bike Shop, Joe from DLB Cycles, John from Think Bike, and Séan & crew in The Bike Institute for bringing so many fab bikes into the mix. Hats off also to Loxi-on-the-cargo-bike for his magical powers of crowd engagement and entertainment!

Looking ahead, we’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback on our presence in the parade (maybe you saw us on TV or from the crowd?) – what do you think worked well, what could be improved, what should we do in 2017 if we are invited back (and hopefully given 6 months’ notice, not 6 weeks)!? We would be doubley delighted of course if you contacted us ( with an offer of help for preparing our 2017 float!

Saturday, 2 April 2016 (All day)

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