Consultation by NTA for new cycle lane to Clonsilla train station from Ongar

**CONSULTATION BY NTA FOR NEW CYCLE LINK TO CLONSILLA STATION ** At the recent area committee meeting for Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart/Castleknock/Ongar three local Cllr’s had requested very similar motions to be put to the county manager on provision of safe cycling infrastructure along the old Hansfield road also called Clonsilla road which connects Ongar Village to Clonsilla train station. Cllr O’Rourke (Sinn Fein) had requested a cycle link to be created from Ongar village to Clonsilla train station. There is currnenlty no cycling lanes provided along this route and there are very poor quality pedestrian paths also. You can watch Cllr O’Rourke discuss this issue in the video link provided by Fingal County council Time:1.08:00 ITEM# 25 Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart/Castleknock/Ongar Area Committee (Services A - Operational Matters)

Cllr Daniel Whooley (Green party) also spoke and had heard similar issues raised by concerned people who cycle and walk to the train station. Cllr Tania Doyle (Independent) also raised a similar motion at the same time and spoke on the issue and mentioned that cycling and walking infrastructure should be planned and installed before all these newly developments go into the area. Its not safe for families and cyclists and needs to be addressed immediately.

Another issue is that there is no pedestrian access on the Western side of Allendale roundabout that will connect to this route. Cllr Doyle had submitted a motion on this issue back in March 2019 but the response that there will be future consideration for a crossing in future works. Its unfortunate that this newly build roundabout is already too dangerous to cross for cyclists and pedestrians when it was first installed.

Friday, 23 October 2020 - 5:45pm

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