Cycle lane to be shared with pedestrians in Phoenix park

Recently on my morning commute I noticed “Cycle lane closed” signs in the Phoenix Park. Engineers had been installing lights to light up the bicycle path along Chesterfield Avenue over the last week. The lights have been installed for the dark evenings to enable families alighting from their cars parked along Chesterfield Avenue to walk along the segregated Cycle Path to the Wild Lights festival in Dublin Zoo. This festival only opens after 5pm in the evening and it looks magical and definitely worth visiting!

Unfortunately, there was no prior public notice published of this evening closure of the inbound cycle lane for this event which will be held from this evening Friday 03 Nov 2017 and every Friday, Saturdays & Sunday in November, and seven days a week in December (except for 24th, 25th & 26th Dec. approx) and for the first week in January. The temporary bike track closure only applies on the section between the Phoenix Monument in the centre of the Park, and the Dublin Zoo boundary, and only applies from 5pm to approximately 10pm . Outbound evening cycle commuters will not be affected as the outbound segregated cycle track remains open for the duration. Morning commuters and daytime cyclists will be unaffected.

Paul McDonnell the Superintendent of the Phoenix Park contacted Dublin Cycling Campaign, after we highlighted the closing of cycling lanes and issues with potential conflicts. The OPW will now have Park Rangers warning pedestrians about potential oncoming cyclists along the segregated Bike Track and warning cyclists to be cautious while cycling along this segregated cycle lane from next week. Unfortunately there was no engagement with the cycling community before the closures commenced. This is regrettable, but is not the first time that Phoenix Park Management have been slow to move on cycle related issues. We are happy that the Park Management have now begun to engage, and we have sought an Event Safety Management Plan from them, which should cover this issue of increased potential cyclist/pedestrain conflict.

Please take care if you are using this inbound Cycle Track after dark over the next few weeks and maybe let us know if you get to attend the Wild Lights festival if it was all worth it!?


Paul Corcoran Chairperson Dublin Cycling Campaign

Friday, 3 November 2017 (All day)

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