Cycling Skills and Training

We’re aiming for higher standards of cycling skills and training to help make Dublin streets safer for everyone. Most people learn how to ride a bike as a child. Learning how to cycle safely in different traffic conditions is important for school children, adults returning to cycling and even experienced cyclists. Many people are afraid to cycle in Dublin, but with proper training they can overcome this fear and learn to get around by bike safely.

There is no national standard for cycle training in Ireland. However the UK Bikeability standard applies very well to Irish traffic conditions and the campaign believes it could be adopted here with very little modification. The cycling campaign, together with, organised to train 12 people as Bikeability instructors.

The cycling campaign believes that on-road cycle training should be provided for all school children starting in primary schools. Since 2013 Dublin City Council has offered cycle training to all primary school children in the Dublin city area. We are calling on the other councils to follow suit. The An Taisce Greens Schools programme has a travel module that can include cycle training.

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