Final designs for Snugborough road interchange with poor quality cycling infrastructure

Snugborough road interchange designs have been published by Fingal County Council. The final plans have poor quality cycling and walking infrastructure that does little to improve cycling for all ages and abilities and this location will do little to improve connectivity to places like the National aquatic center from Blanchardstown village. Here is some background to the original consultation back in 2017.

2017 Fingal County council has published its final plans for Snugborough interchange. Dublin Cycling Campaign/ made a submission back in 2017.… Chair of Colm Ryder gave a guarded welcome to the designs. covered the initial consultation in 2017… 2021

Its now 2021 and the final designs haven’t improved the layout for cycling and walking. The one positive improvement is that a tunnel will run under the bridge via the Tolka valley and not up onto the interchange and back down to the valley floor again as was originally planned.

See Fingal Cycling Campaigns full submission to Fingal County Council. If you are not happy with the designs please email your local Cllr or TD. Simply enter your address and you will get your local representatives contact details.

**Summary of Fingal Cycling Campaign statement **

Overall Fingal Cycling Campaign is not happy with the designs. Simple question - Would you let your 8 year old child cycle this route? No! The designs do not cater for cycling for all ages and abilities. There is strong evidence to suggest that the Snugborough Interchange is designed for vehicular traffic. Active modes of transport are relegated to a box ticking exercise. The new interchange might provide temporary easing of congestion in the very short term but will then be followed by increased congestion through Induced Demand. There are glaring breaches of design requirements for active modes of transport in the proposed design.

Unless significant improvements are made, as outlined in this submission, it will not encourage the Modal Shift desired by both the NTA and Fingal County Council. Active travel infrastructure is far cheaper and quicker to implement, requires significantly less maintenance and gives the best Return on Investment of all modes of transport. Prioritising active mode of transport in the design of the Snugborough Junction will bring enormous benefits. We sincerely hope that the designers will take our feedback onboard and resolve these shortcomings to the benefit of the residents of Corduff, Coolmine, Blanchardstown Village and users of Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021 - 11:30pm

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