Greenway route in Fingal littered for many years with damaged potholes

A greenway route called the old Hansfield road located between Ongar village and post primary school Setanta and is just under 1 Km (900 meters) is heavily damaged for many years with burn marks and potholes from fires lit on the tarmac during Hallowe’en that is used for both cycling and walking. Some of the potholes are so big it can catch a wheel of a bicycle and is quite dangerous to cycle over. Unfortunately, they have not been repaired or filled in by Fingal County Council for many years. We would hope with the increase in funding available for cycling and walking that this route would be repaired by the council. If you use the greenway regularly you will notice both pedestrians and cyclists weaving in and out of the spaces avoiding the potholes which creates a smaller working space for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate their movements. This can lead to conflicts.

Google map link provided.

Monday, 4 January 2021 - 12:15pm

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