Have Your Say! - S2S Southside Proposal - IMPORTANT!

This Friday 16th December is the final date for submissions on the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) proposals for a possible 2way cycle and walking route on Dublin’s south coast, all the way from Irishtown to Seapoint. It is a critical part of the originally proposed but yet to be fully realised Sutton to Sandycove coastal route, and if it happens it will be a wonderful addition to the few great Dublin cycling/walking routes. See the full details of the proposal from the NTA

We, in Dublin Cycling Campaign have drafted a detailed series of comments on the proposal, and we urge you to review these comments (attached) and to freely use the material to craft your own submission. It is important that as many submissions as possible are made to the NTA to let them know how Dublin citizens feel about the proposal.

Overall we urge you to be positive about what is proposed, but with the caveat that you wish to see a real totally traffic free coastal route sometime in the future. This present proposal will make a great difference to cycling and walking on Dublin’s coastal area.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 (All day)

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