LE2019 South Dublin Cycling Priorities - Rathfarnham Templeogue

Here are the responses we received from local election candidates in Rathfarnham - Templeogue to the South Dublin Cycling Priorities.

Candidate: Carly Bailey, Social Democrats

So I think I already said I have signed up to Cycling For All. Re the Greater Dublin Area Cycling Network-this is one I might not be able to say for sure either way. I am getting mixed information in relation to this with some saying it has been parked (pardon the pun) and isn’t likely to be implemented and others saying that it may be redrafted in line with Bus Connects plans. I just haven’t been able to get the information I would need to make an informed decision on this and I have promised I am not going to make promises or pledge to support something without having all the info. What I can promise is to find out more about the intentions of this plan, to lobby for support for the plan and if it needs to go back to drawing board, that we would work with your group and others re consultation etc.

Yes absolutely to the Greenways, safe routes to schools, promoting everyday cycling (Love this still), cycling officer, bike share, speed limits and audit/maintaining cycling infra. Re 10% budget-again, I am happy to say I can try and do my best to push for this but the reality is that a council budget will have a great many things competing for resources. However, given the recent climate change emergency declaration-this in theory should/could force national gov to provide more funding for policy that would help reduce reliance on fossil fuels/carbon footprint and a very obvious response could/should be cycling. I am also wary of promising re budgets on this as the Bus Connects plan would draw from national funding so depending on how this goes, it might be possible that such funding could come from a variety of pots.

Candidate: Cllr. Conor McMahon, Fine Gael

Thank you for your email. I am a regular cyclist owning a hybrid and a road bike (both Treks). Unfortunately, due to work as a Councillor and being self employed I have a fairly hectic schedule and do not get out on the bike as often as I would like. I completed the Ring of Kerry and have also cycled to Galway for charity. I have cycled the Greenway in Westport numerous time and have only had 1 outing the new greenway in Waterford….Hopefully we will get back to it later this year! I have been an advocate of the Dodder Greenway and the Grand Canal Greenway and have included the Dodder Greenway on my election leaflets…Works will start on this project at the end of 2019…. Cycling for all and to promote cycling every day.

I will support the Dublin Cycling Campaign 100% .

Candidate: David McManus, Fine Gael

I understand and appreciate the advantages and the need for greater investment in cycling infrastructure in Dublin. If elected, I will do my very best to implement as many of the priorities you have outlined. Cyclists help reduce congestion, reduce pollution for the environment and are improving public health at the same time. One particular issue that has been raised is the need for segregated cycle lanes which would increase the safety for cyclists.

Candidate: Mary Seery Kearney, Fine Gael

I have to say I would be hard pressed to leave any one of them out!! The list of priorities are all sensible and in the interest of the common good. I have been a cyclist and last year my husband and I tried getting back into cycling but to be honest ideas such as cycling our daughter to crèche were abandoned when I saw just how badly kept and full of briars the cycle way to Rathfarnham was. Whatever chance I had of avoiding them, a 3 year old at the back of the bike didn’t stand a chance. So I had privately decided I’d make cycle lane maintenance one of my own ambitions should I be elected.

I had already looked into the Dodder Greenway as someone early on in my campaign raised it. When I looked it up I really liked it, so I am very happy to assist in the advancement of any such plans.

I want my daughter to safely cycle in this area just as I did as a child. I want cycling to be a way of life for her and so I am happy to commit to advancing your priorities and making them my own, doing my best to make them a reality.

Candidate: Cllr. Paul Foley, Fianna Fáil

I am happy to support you in these endeavours. I am frequently in touch with Mairead Forsythe and you can be assured of my continued support.

Candidate: Stephen Nugent, Solidarity

I would agree with all your suggestions regarding cycling but I think this should be included in a Forum on Public Transport were all relevant stakeholders can have a say in a transport system which incorporates all types of transport including cycling.

Candidate: William Priestley, Green Party

All of the ideas look good. In terms of practicality, however, I would suggest that number 6 is the key one. If there is someone in the council actively promoting cycling the agenda will be consistently represented.

Hence, the top three for me would be:

❻ Appoint a full-time Cycling Officer and continue the Cycle Forum

❼ Allocate 10% of County transport budget for cycling

❸ Build the greenways: River Dodder + Grand Canal + River Liffey + the Silver Bridge

Candidate: Yvonne Collins, Fianna Fáil

If elected, I would support all of your priorities listed. I confirm that I have emailed the minister this morning and forwarded a copy to Cian Ginty.

Candidate: Cllr. Ronan McMahon

My record shows in SDCC what cycling is high on my agenda. I question the budget each year and I think it is dismal what they allocate to upkeep of cycle lanes. I am an avid cyclists and am going on a cycling holiday this year with an informal club – Baldy Bikers from the area. I cycle on a regular basis as do my 5 children.

Dodder Greenway has always been high on my agenda and I continue to push for its completion – Phase 2 starting in the Autumn. I don’t disagree with any of your priorities and would love to work towards the progression of all during the next 5 years at Council. A shared cycle scheme would be great in SDCC and we have asked the council to make plans to introduce a pilot scheme.

I have taken part in various cycling initiatives by the Council and will continue to promote these. You are pushing an open door as regards cycling with me as an active cyclist myself and family.

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