Nominations Sought for Officer and Committee Positions at our 2019 AGM

Dublin Cycling Campaign (DCC) will hold its 2019 AGM on Saturday 21st September in The Tailors’ Hall, Back Lane, Dublin 8 (pictured above) and all DCC members will be invited to attend. The starting and finishing times and other details are still to be confirmed.

One of the main functions of the AGM is to elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer to lead the organisation for the next year. We will also elect other members of the Executive Committee to look after day-to-day activities of the Campaign.

All paid-up members of DCC are welcome to put themselves forward for election for any of these positions. Below you will see outlines of the four officer roles.

If you support the aims and work of Dublin Cycling Campaign, feel you would be a good candidate for one of these positions and would like to nominate yourself as a candidate (or persuade a friend to do so), we would love to hear from you. Please email us with a short statement (say, up to approx 200 words in length) explaining why you would like to put yourself forward and attach a short CV. Candidates will be invited to give a short (2 minute) presentation at the AGM introducing themselves to attendees, after which voting will take place. Email to be sent to to be received by Saturday 14 Sept 2019.

● Figurehead / represents DCC at various official meetings and functions
● Acts as the main spokesperson for the campaign
● Provides leadership and ensures the effectiveness of the organisation
● Plans meetings and develops the agenda with the secretary and vice-chairperson
● Chairs DCC monthly committee meetings
● Chairs DCC monthly public meetings
● Prepares / delivers Chair’s Annual Report on DCC activities at the AGM
● Prepares the agenda for the AGM and chairs it
● Signs off on Accounts and budgets with other core committee members

● Chairs meetings when the chairperson is absent
● Attends the DCC monthly committee meetings
● Assists the chairperson in preparing meeting agendas
● Responds to email enquiries to
● Responsible for coordination and development of organisation
● Helps the chairperson plan committee meetings

● Drafts important letters / submissions
● Deals with official correspondence
● Attends the DCC monthly committee meetings
● Drafts minutes for the DCC monthly committee meetings
● Prepares / delivers Secretary’s Annual Report on DCC activities at the AGM
● Helps the chairperson plan committee meetings

● Keeps track of DCC’s income and expenditure
● Processes / approves expenses
● Prepares the Annual Accounts and arranges Annual Audit
● Prepares / delivers Treasurer’s Report on DCC activities at Committee Meetings and at the AGM

Other Executive Committee positions
● Details to be posted below in due course

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Monday, 19 August 2019 (All day)

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