Phoenix Park Transport consultation-Fingal Cycling submission

Phoenix Park Mobility Report: Submission Fingal Cycling Campaign


Fingal Cycling Campaign is a sub-group of registered charity, Dublin Cycling Campaign (RCN 20102029), which in turn is a member of the national body the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network. has 27 members groups nationwide. We strongly believe that Fingal should be an area that provides liveable villages, suburban centres and parks that prioritise people over cars. We are very grateful for the opportunity to provide feedback on the extensive report prepared by the Phoenix Park Mobility Steering Group, on behalf of the OPW. We hope the feedback provided can be of value. We are all residents of Fingal with a significant desire to see the Phoenix Park fulfil its primary purpose:

An extremely valuable recreational amenity and an area of tranquillity close to a busy city centre, as well as an educational and research resource.

Full submission attached in PDF format.

Deadline is 12th March 2021…

Thursday, 11 March 2021 - 7:45pm

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