Plans for new cycle lanes on Wyattville Road

Our Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown group have made a submission on the proposal to install cycle lanes and make further changes on Wyattville Road in Ballybrack. You can find full information about the proposals on the Council’s website here.

Dublin Cycling Campaign are supportive of projects where walking and cycling are placed at the top of the transport hierarchy. We welcome the opportunity to link up existing cycling facilities within this scheme. Unfortunately, we cannot fully support this project in its current format due to some of the design details. We have asked Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to address the following issues:

  • The treatment at junctions needs more improvement to make people cycling safer. The provision of segregation at junctions is arguably more important than provision of segregation on straight sections of road.
  • The retention of left turn slip lanes at junctions is not recommended in guidance (DMURS). People cycling should not be placed in conflict with left-turning vehicles with painted lines for protection.
  • Traffic reduction: it is not clear how this scheme would propose to reduce volumes of private motor traffic, despite the objectives mentioning that the scheme aims to tackle car dominance.
  • Despite the space available, no attempt has been made to provide bus lanes on this road. Converting a lane in each direction to bus lanes would be an improvement in reducing traffic volumes and encouraging modal shift.

There are positive aspects to the new plans:

  • The segregation, where it exists, is welcome.
  • The presence of the island bus stops is a very positive aspect of this scheme and they appear to be designed well.
  • Reduction of traffic lane widths to help reduce speed.
  • The addition of a permeable link at the Churchview Road junction (gap in the wall to reduce walking and cycling distances).
  • Relocation of the southbound bus stop for enhanced passive surveillance.
  • Addition of pedestrian crossings and allowing pedestrians to cross in one movement.
  • Toucan crossings to enable people cycling to make safer right-turning movements.
  • Preservation of the wooded embankment.

You can find our full submission attached below.

Thursday, 20 August 2020 - 11:45am

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