Progress for Safer Cycling as MPDL gets the Green Light!

So many of us were distracted by the effects of Storm Emma, and the resultant snowfalls, that we haven’t fully accepted the fact that a pretty momentous occasion in terms of cycle campaigning/advocacy occurred this week. Minister Shane Ross announced his acceptance of the principle of agreeing to introduce a law to protect cyclists on the road by specifically accepting the need for a Minimum Passing Distance Legislation on Wednesday last 1st March - an auspicious start for cycling development in 2018!?

Dublin Cycling Campaign/ were present with Phil Skelton, the unsung hero of this 5 year long targeted campaign, when the Minister made this propitious announcement. Phil Skelton deserves the thanks of all cyclists for his unstinting efforts in making this development happen, as do all cycling campaigners who put their shoulders to the wheel, particularly in the past year, to get this initiative across the line! We await the actual introduction of the legal Statutory Instrument (S.I.), which the Minister has promised without delay! In the meantime check out some of the congratulatory and supportive articles celebrating this momentous decision to introduce this law…….but there is still work to do on helping to clarify aspects of the law, and making drivers more aware!………

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Saturday, 3 March 2018 (All day)

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