Send us your DLR Quick Wins Nov 2018

Do you live in DLR and see those annoying simple things everyday that are like “if they only did that” it would make an appreciable difference for cycling and walking.

We would like to gather those notes from you that are on your cycling route and put these to the council to help improve the cycling environment in DLR. We would like to complete the first list by the end of November 2018. We want to get this project going and use the benefit of using a data set that can give further analysis into the overall pain points and variance in quality amongst the various cycling routes in DLR.

Don’t worry if you can’t make lots of time to make a complete list. Just sending on the most important 1 or 2 things for you today, could make a big difference. The rest can follow latter. We plan on continuously adding to this list over time. Also, if you have submitted something to the council already, whether successful or not, please send us those to help follow up on too.

Send to us by whatever means you have.

Consider the following things as part of Quick Wins. They would be typically things that could be changed / fixed without the need for planning permission.

Road Space & Surfaces

  • Pot Holes / Badly filled pot holes / Bad Drain depths / Bad Man Hole Covers

  • Road Maintenance Projects to narrow lanes and add / widen cycle lanes

  • Road / Cycle Track Re-surface

  • Cycle Logos in Bus Lanes

  • Extension of time plates on cycle lanes

  • Increase on street parking charges

  • Reduce on street car parking spaces

Permeability & Parking

  • Dishing of a curb to make it easier to get in / out of a cycle track or make a connection

  • Quiet Routes / Implement 30kph

  • Removal of Railings / Kissing Gates / Reshaping and Widening of entrances to parks and off road routes

  • Remove rat runs / close streets to through traffic

Smart Cities & Promotion

  • Traffic Light Sensors for bicyles / Length of Light Timings

  • Bicycle Parking

  • Signage / Way Finding

  • Cycling Counters


  • Speeding

  • Fly Parking

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Monday, 19 November 2018 (All day)

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