Stillorgan Road Scheme needs a redesign

May 2018 Submission by Dublin Cycling Campaign on Stillorgan Road/Foster Avenue Improvements Summary

Dublin Cycling Campaign is happy to see proposals to improve cyclists’ movement along the N11 route with improved cycling access to UCD campus and the prospect to improve cycling facilities for city bound cyclists. However, overall we are unhappy with elements of the design that fail to provide real priority for cycling and walking, as prioritised in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Development plan. It falls short of an ‘A’ standard cycle route, and we are unclear as to the status of the proposed new entrance/exit to UCD close to Foster Avenue.
In the end, the question must be asked - does it improve the facilities to attract more people to walk, cycle or use public transport? This is especially pertinent given the cost is close to €1m for this scheme and represents nearly a third of the budget in DLR for 2018.

Key points - What is Good about the Proposed Scheme?

  • A new Toucan crossing at Foster Avenue Junction with a wider crossing area for both cyclists and pedestrians
  • A new Toucan crossing facility across the R138 Stillorgan Road
  • Clear separation of cyclists from pedestrians, particularly at the new bus shelter locations
  • The removal of the slip lanes and wide splays from Fosters Avenue and The Rise onto the R138 Stillorgan Road
  • The improved cycle access from the St Thomas Road/The Rise onto northbound R138
  • Increased Bike Parking close to bus stop at The Rise / Stillorgan Road inbound

Key points - What is Not Good about the Proposed Scheme?

  • The possibility of introducing a full pedestrian/cycling crossing phase on the new lighting sequence at the Foster Avenue and Stillorgan Road to give real priority to active travel modes has not been taken up. Our key concern is having pedestrians and cyclists waiting for up to 3 full cycle of the signals to change before being able to cross the full extent of the crossings. Failing to allow people to cross all stages at the same time will result in people taking unnecessary risks to cross which this scheme is trying to solve.
  • The use of a staggered crossing across Stillorgan Road should not be used in this scheme. This is in accordance with the key recommendations from DMURS - Unstaggering the pedestrian crossing would allow the inbound cycle track to be segregated from the Stillorgan Road for longer. It would also provide a space for cyclists ahead of any left-turning vehicles, and also allow the Stop line to be brought forward, providing more queueing space for vehicles. This would also place cyclists in full view of any turning motorist and avoids potential ‘left-hook’ collisions. This is particularly important to consider as we recently saw a HGV cycling fatality closer to Dublin City at a junction not far from this junction
  • The use of an inverted two way cycle track for far too long of a section from UCD to Fosters Ave. We see this as counter intuitive and will not be used as intended. It would be better to design for cyclists to use the cycle track in a normal way by staying to the left
  • Cycle facility next to R138 should have a sizeable buffer with the main R138, in line with National Cycle Manual recommendations, in particular as this is still being classified as a 60kph zone
  • A chance to consider the introduction of a lower speed limit on this section of road has not been availed of.
  • No clarity on how south travelling cyclists can be facilitated to turn right from R138 on to St Thomas Road/The Rise?
  • No cycling facilities on Foster Avenue of any description, despite high traffic volumes. A rationalisation of the three turning lanes (one left and two right) should take place. The space could be reallocated to provide for a mandatory cycle lane.
  • No ASL on Foster Avenue to enable cyclists turning right on to R138 to place themselves in full view of drivers at the head of the junction.
  • Foster Avenue Junction should have a raised crossing at the new Toucan crossing to give full priority to pedestrians and cyclists and disabled and pram users, and similarly on St Thomas Road/The Rise
  • Why was the potential continuation of northbound contra flow cycle track to link in with Montrose side road further north not availed of?
  • It is not clear if extra bike parking close to St Thomas Road/The Rise will be covered. This requires clarification
  • A cycle connection to The Rise and Mount Merrion should be made to the Toucan crossing of Stillorgan Road to enable outbound cyclists to use this crossing to make a right turn rather than trying to turn right at the Radisson Hotel / The Rise junction. This would also facilitate a safe route to the lower inbound cycle track past the Old Montrose Hotel
  • The crossing at St Thomas Road/The Rise needs to be directly connected to the R138 pathway connection
  • The new advisory cycle lane at The Rise is substandard. It is painted infrastructure inside the car lane rather than being allocated in it’s own space. Without adequate space cyclists will not be able to access the ASL at the head of the junction. There is space for a mandatory cycle lane on the the RIse.
  • It is not clear how or when the new UCD access will form part of this proposed plan?
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Tuesday, 15 May 2018 (All day)

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