Support the Limekiln and Whitehall Road West Cycle Scheme

South Dublin County Council is seeking feedback on the proposed Limekiln and Whitehall Road West cycle scheme.

We support the scheme which is part of the wider Cycle South Dublin plans. We encourage you complete the survey form to show support for the scheme. The deadline is 11 May 2022.

Dublin Cycling Campaign welcomes the proposed Limekiln and Whitehall Road West cycle scheme and in particular

  • The two-way cycle track along Limekiln Lane
  • The reduction in corner radii at side roads

This scheme will encourage a switch to cycling in this area, which will benefit residents by reducing traffic and the associated parking issues, noise and air pollution. We owe it to the children in the area to provide safe, enjoyable routes for them to cycle, walk and scoot to schools, parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities. The scheme will also benefit less confident cyclists who prefer segregated cycling infrastructure.

We have suggested the following enhancements to the scheme:

  • Reduction of speed limit to 30km/h along Limekiln Lane
  • improvements to the traffic light sequence at the Whitehall Road West junction
  • Continue the two-way cycle track as far as Greenhills Park and St Paul’s Secondary School
  • Inclusion of raised crossing ramps on more side roads to slow down traffic and signal to drivers that they are entering shared residential streets.

Our full submission is attached.

Friday, 29 April 2022 - 9:30am

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