Winter Weather Cycling Warning

Extreme cold weather is expected to hit Ireland this week.

People who cycle are being advised to consider alternative modes of transport this week as the country is due to be hit with a spell of extremely cold weather which may bring snow and ice to many areas.

Met √Čireann has issued a Status Orange Snow-Ice Warning for Dublin which is valid from 6pm Tuesday 27th February. Further cold weather and snow or ice is predicted to hit Ireland later in the week.

In light of the severe weather warnings Dublin Cycling Campaign is advising people to consider leaving the bicycle at home if the predicted snow and ice materialises. People who usually cycle are advised to consider alternative modes of transport, or to consult with their employers about working from home if possible.

Winter Cycling Advice

If you do choose to cycle in icy conditions, please be aware of the following winter cycling advice:

  • Fit your bike with the widest tyres possible and run them at a lower pressure to increase your contact area with the road surface. If you have studded tyres, all the better.

  • Minor roads and cycle paths usually aren’t gritted, so try to use bus lanes and primary roads if at all possible.

  • Your braking distance will increase dramatically on icy surfaces so adjust your speed accordingly.

  • Avoid using your front brake on ice as this can result in a front wheel skid which is extremely difficult to control and may result in a fall.

  • Try to avoid sudden changes of direction and maintain a smooth pedalling action. Take corners slowly and carefully.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast throughout the week and don’t get caught out in the cold!

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Monday, 26 February 2018 (All day)

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