Celebrate International Women’s Day on Wheels

Monday, 8 March 2021 - 8:00pm

Ever heard the phrase that bikes are “freedom machines”? Join us to explore the realities of women cycling in Ireland on this International Women’s Day.

What kind of journeys do women need to take? What is their experience cycling in Dublin? What about secondary school girls cycling, what is holding back more girls from cycling? What does this imply for future infrastructure? How might public space be better shaped to suit more people?

Join us on Zoom at 8pm, on Monday the 8th of March to explore these questions, with a panel of experts including:

Please share this with a friend and join us at 8pm on the 8th for International Women’s Day.

This event will be chaired by Siobhán McNamara and is organised by Mairéad Forsythe and Conor Cahill.

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