Sunday, 30 October 2016 (All day)

Hey!…..Belfast, for the second year in succession, is opening its streets to cyclists, roller bladers, skaters, walkers, prams and wheelchairs, while it closes them to motorised traffic. All this is happening next Sunday (30th October) in Belfast, so if you are a cyclist, and can spare the time head up there and support this great pro-cycling event!

We in Dublin are envious of our Belfast cycling brethren in respect of this great event. For many years here in Dublin we, and a number of City Councillors, have been campaigning for Dublin to close a selection of city centre streets on Sundays, and open up the city to all other road users! We have failed to make it happen here in Dublin and we congratulate Belfast on being the first city in Ireland to host this worldwide phenomenon, which originated in Latin America, but is now a regular in many cities all across the globe! IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN DUBLIN!, but in the meantime, why not head up to Belfast this coming weekend and see what its all about….and maybe come back down here and help to make it happen in Dublin! Go For It! Check out the website at

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