DLR Cycling Group March Gathering

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 (All day)
DLR Lexicon arrive 18:00 kick off 18:30

The next DLR Cycling Advocacy Group gathering is on the 20th March 2019 in the Lexicon Library in Dun Laoghaire.

Arriving at the venue for 18:00 and kicking off at 18:30 running to 20:00.


  1. Bus Connects quick overview and what to do next to support this

  2. S2S
 and other schemes in DLR update

  3. Cycling for change in DLR

    a. Idea generation (ongoing documents)

    b. Igniting action from the council

  4. Working groups: Forming working groups to take cycling in DLR to the next level:

    a. LEA groups: focus on local issues, engaging with local councillors and local cyclists.

    b. Cycling to school: Cycle bus, quiet routes to school

    c. Other groups

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