European Cycle Challenge

Monday, 11 April 2016 (All day)
8pm, Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin 2

Sinéad Flavin, NTA Smarter Travel Workplaces

The European Cycle Challenge is an annual event since 2012, coordinated through the University of Bologna to encourage cyclists throughout Europe to register their trips throughout the month of May. This year, for only the second time in its history Dublin is participating in the challenge, facilitated through the offices of the NTA Smarter Travel Workplaces unit. Dublin Cycling Campaign and Dublin City Council are also partnering in this fun and exciting venture, for which you can register at Its a chance to register Dublin on the European cycling stage!

By using the Cycling365 App to track of your daily commute, join Challenges among urban cyclists that will be organised during the year and see how much CO2 you will save by using your bicycle.

Sinead Flavin is an enthusiastic active travel advocate, who works on the NTA Smarter Travel Workplaces programme, supporting interested larger workplaces in encouraging active and sustainable travel and running the Smarter Travel Workplaces annual Pedometer & Cycle Challenges. She has had a very varied career in a number of countries; has worked for Transport for London on personalised travel planning, and for the CTC developing a ‘CycleSafe’ campaign, which successfully engaged over 100 UK local authorities to make a commitment to encourage more and safer cycling; providing Active Travel Consultancy services in Sydney for both the Nature Conservation Council and the Sydney Area Health Service; and playing a supportive role in establishing the relatively new Dublin based transport consultancy firm Transport Insights.

Come along next Monday 11th April to learn more about the European Cycle Challenge (ECC) and how you can be a part of it, encourage others to participate, and help Dublin to become this years ECC Champion! Be Active! Be Healthy! Have Fun!

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