Launch of #Allocate4Cycling Campaign

Thursday, 20 September 2018 (All day)
Buswell's Hotel, Molesworth St, Dublin (Irish Cycle Advocacy Network) members, including Dublin Cycling Campaign, are launching a major Campaign for increased allocations for cycling development in Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin on Thursday 20th September at 11.15am. We need all cycling advocates, and all those who believe in a sustainable transport future, a healthier society, and a society that allocates more space to pedestrians and cyclists to get behind this Campaign. Essentially we are calling for an immediate 10% of Land Transport Funding to be allocated to Cycling, to enable the government to meet its own target of 10% of modal share by cycling by 2020. Right now that modal share stands at only approximately 3% of trips by bike, and funding levels are at approximately 2% of Land Transport Funding!

If you can, please come along on your Bike to support this Launch! There will be a mass cycle fronted by a number of politicians and celebrities at 12pm midday outside Buswells Hotel

The points out that the appropriate funding for cycling aligns with numerous government policies and initiatives across a variety of sectors such as Transport, Environment, Climate Change, Health, Business, and Education. Our summary introduction below points out that Cycling, as a mode of transport, offers numerous well documented benefits to society, including:

  • improved public health
  • reduced congestion
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduced air and noise pollution
  • more liveable and sociable streets and communities, and
  • High rates of economic return

Unlocking these benefits requires targeted and sustained investment, and international evidence demonstrates that investing in cycling provides excellent value for money.
From available data we estimate that spending on cycling currently only amounts to approximately 2% of Transport capital spending. This compares to recommended targets of 10% for cycling, and present European levels of between 5% and 8%. This very low proportion is not commensurate with the benefits offered by cycling, or with the significant economic costs which car dependence imposes on Irish society. To encourage people to make more journeys by bicycle;
We call for 10% of the capital budget for land transport to be invested in cycling.

Our budget submission and arguments for a higher allocation for Cycling, and a short summary document are on our #Allocate website at But, we need YOU to contact your local representatives and make the case to increase funding for cycling. See for the names and contact details of your local TDs. Let us know how you get on by emailing



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