Volunteer Workshop

Monday, 8 January 2018 (All day)
8pm, Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2


Do you want to make Dublin a better city in 2018 for people who cycle?

Would you like to learn a new skill and gain a valuable experience in an area that interests you?

Might you have specific skills or experience you would like to share with other volunteers in the Dublin Cycling Campaign and help us achieve more this year?

If so, we will be happy to see you at our next open volunteer workshop, where experienced activists will be sharing their pro-tips, on Monday 8pm, Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.

Each of the working groups will be doing a knowledge transfers to new volunteers. We encourage all new members and volunteers to come along to find out what the groups are working on and maybe even get involved in one. We also want to hear your views about what the campaign should be working on.

The working groups are:

The Infrastructure Group: The aim of this group is to improve our roads and public spaces to enable and encourage walking and cycling. One of the first tasks the group is undertaking is to outline the processes and systems in which infrastructure is developed and disseminate good cycling design standards and practices in a simplified and accessible format for all volunteers. Knowledge is Power!

The Public Policy Group aims to improve public policies and law enforcement for the benefit of people who walk and cycle. The group is initially focusing on two elements: Firstly, gathering data to enable us to show how much a modal-shift to cycling will bring to society; and secondly, looking at effective enforcement of traffic laws that impact on the cycling experience.

The Perception Group wants to promote cycling as a normal, joyful aspect of everyday life. The group will tackle the myths and misconceptions about cycling while also promoting the many benefits. The group is currently categorising and prioritising its targets.

The Organisation Group aims to grow Dublin Cycling Campaign as a strong voice for people who want to cycle. It is currently focusing on volunteer and member engagement, organisation governance, communication strategy, and a new initiative on member testimonials.

Looking forward to seeing you there, it’ll be a lively, informal exchange of what’s worked for people. You are also very welcome to continue the discussion in the very nice Library Bar following the workshop.

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