Bike Life Report Makes Strong Case for Cycling

84% of Dublin residents support building more physically separated on-road cycle tracks, even when this would mean less space for other road traffic. That’s just one of the key findings of the Bike Life report which was published this month by the National Transport Authority and Sustrans.

The Bike Life survey, the biggest assessment of cycling in urban areas in Ireland and the UK, is produced by sustainable transport charity Sustrans in partnership with local city authorities. This is the first report outside of the UK, and in partnership with the National Transport Authority (NTA) of Ireland.

The information in the report comes from local cycling data, modelling and an independent, demographically representative survey of more than 1,100 residents from across the Dublin Metropolitan Area, whether they cycled or not.

Key findings from Bike Life Dublin include:

  • Nearly a quarter of adults cycle at least once a week in the Dublin metropolitan area, with 11% cycling five days a week or more
  • 21% of adults don’t currently cycle but would like to
  • Residents want segregated cycling infrastructure to cycle more
  • 70% would find more traffic-free cycle routes away from roads, e.g. through parks or along waterways useful to help them cycle more
  • 69% would find more cycle tracks along roads, physically separated from traffic and pedestrians useful to help them cycle more
  • 84% of residents also support building more physically separated on-road cycle tracks, even when this would mean less space for other road traffic
  • Cycling in the Dublin area takes up to 60,000 cars off the roads each day
  • Every year cycling in Dublin saves 28,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to carbon footprint of 400,000 people taking flights from Dublin to London Heathrow
  • Cycling creates €258.5 million in economic benefits for the individual and society annually

Dublin Cycling Campaign welcomes the publication of the report, which reinforces and builds on the many existing arguments in support of increased investment in cycling infrastructure.

The full Bike Life Dublin 2019 report can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Friday, 31 July 2020 - 2:00pm

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