National and Local Authority Policy

We continue to meet with and lobby the government for the implementation of the National Cycling Policy Framework Document - which is a wide ranging document with clear objectives and suggestions as to how to increase cyclist numbers and the benefits this will bring to Dublin City. We have representatives on transport strategic planning committees in Dublin City Council.

Strong recommendations for cycling from cross-party Oireachtas Committee

On 28th March a cross-party Oireachtas Committee, published its final report Climate Change: A Cross-Party Consensus for Action. The committee was convened last July to examine the Climate Action recommendations of the Citizens Assembly.

Significantly for cycling the committee recommends -

All current transport infrastructure programmes should immediately be revised to achieve at least 10% expenditure on facilitating cycling

Cyclists call for Increased Cycle Funding in Budget Process - Allocate4Cycling members, including Dublin Cycling Campaign, have put together a strong budget submission addressed to Minister for Finance & Public Expenditure Paschal Donohue, outlining the deficiency in government funding supports to enable cycling to grow. Essentially we are calling for an immediate 10% of Land Transport Funding to be allocated to Cycling, to enable the government to meet its own target of 10% of modal share by cycling by 2020.

Minimum Passing Distance Law - Urgent!

Contact your TDs NOW and ask them to support the Minimum Passing Distance Law!

A date has now been set for the commencement of the legislative process to bring the 1.5 metre Minimum Passing Distance Law into effect, but we need to generate support from TDs in all areas.

The Road Traffic Bill will be considered by the Oireachtas Transport Committee on Wednesday 7th February 2018.

Quietways – A New Way to View Our City

From Concept to Misconception to (Hopefully) Completion

Councillor Paddy Smyth, of Dublin City Council, will talk about his proposals for ‘Quietways’ in the Dublin City area. These are, primarily, routes for school children to walk/cycle to and from school via quiet, residential streets through the use of a concept known as “Filtered Permeability”. This means creating a series of vehicular cul-de-sacs across the city which you can still walk or cycle through without competing with motorised commuters, buses or trucks. Council Meeting

Dublin Cycling Campaign is one of many cycle advocacy groups making up the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, This Saturday 12th March these groups are coming together for the first all island meeting of 2016. There will be representatives from all 4 corners of our island. For cycling advocates there are many interesting topics on the table, including:

RESPECT Initiative is endorsed by major players

Dublin Cycling Campaign have been working assiduously over the past year and more to agree a major RESPECT campaign for all road users with Dublin City Council. This initiative aims to improve road users behaviour to each other, to be more respectful, and to recognise the ‘duty of care’ that we all have to each other. It focusses on the behaviour of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle drivers emphasising the interdependency between us all.


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