BusConnects Cycling Infrastructure Round 3 Submission

Dublin Cycling Campaign made 17 separate submissions to the National Transport Authority in December as part of the their third round public consultation on the Core Bus Corridors projects that includes 200km of protected cycle infrastructure. This project has the opportunity to deliver the backbone of a high-quality cycling network across Dublin if it is done right. All of our submissions are aimed at sharing local knowledge, international expertise in cycling infrastructure design and the perspective of people who cycle in Dublin to the National Transport Authority.

While there have been marked improvements on all 16 of the cycle routes from the original designs in late 2018 there are still some routes, which will not provide a high-quality cycle route if built today. Our goal is to see cycle infrastructure that is safe for people of all ages and abilities be constructed across Dublin. That way the most number of people in Dublin can safely and comfortably experience the joy of cycling for transport and leisure.

A huge thank-you to the tens of volunteers who put in a tremendous effort to draft comprehensive submissions on each of the 16 corridors and one more submission regarding our concerns about the junction design common to all of the corridors. You can find the full list of the submission below:

Tuesday, 5 January 2021 - 11:30pm

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