Have your say on Dublin's major cabling project

National electricity company Eirgrid are embarking on a ‘big dig’, a major project to replace 50km of Dublin’s main electrical cables. The cables will connect the three big electrical sub-stations in Finglas, Carrickmines and Inchicore to hubs in Poolbeg and North Wall.

This will mean huge disruption to roads, traffic and cycle infrastructure while trenches are excavated for cables. Maps are in the PDF, visible from the link below.

Three possible routes have been sketched out by Eirgrid for each of the three sub-stations. The Royal Canal forms part of a route, as does the South Circular Road, along with Milltown Road and the much-excavated Strand Road in Sandymount. There are fairly good maps and a consultation portal on the project website.

Eirgrid say that, since Dublin uses such a high proportion of the country’s power, our 2030 climate goals will not be achievable without replacing the existing cables, some over fifty years old. Higher generating capacity from windfarms, solar panels feeding into the grid and increased electric car charging loads are all changes that this project will address, say the company.

However, we don’t want to see people on bikes side-lined while roads are upended, or see them re-laid in bumpy patches. We’re seeking a seat on Eirgrid’s Community Forum for the project, to allow a voice for people on bikes as the project progresses. Meanwhile there are a few issues we’ll be making submissions on, and we’re calling on YOU to make your own submissions.

As ever, it’s really important to let those in charge know that more and more people are using bikes throughout Dublin, and their needs and safety mustn’t be taken for granted. Just a quick line or two would help shift the dial. Saying where your own regular journeys cross the project routes, asking for bike lanes to be safeguarded, and City and National cycle network plans to be upheld, is key; your local knowledge is really important. Consultation closes on May 23, 2023.

It only needs to be a few words and is simple to do online once you create a login, but here are some bullet points to start with:

  • Have a think, and mention any planned active travel projects you know of in your area that could potentially link in with one of the routes (new pedestrian crossings, upgraded bus stops, cycle lanes etc);
  • Insist the project managers maintain cycling infrastructure on roads - If there’s no room for PROPERLY SEGREGATED cycleways while roads are under construction, we suggest the project takes over the whole road (allowing footpath and emergency/ disabled access), so they can get the work done much more quickly. Traffic Management Plans for all Council T2 road-opening licenses must maintain cycle safety;
  • We suggest the project team seeks opportunities to dig through parks rather than roads, where no significant ecological damage results. This will be quicker and less disruptive to cyclists;
  • Tell them that all designs must align with and support the published Cycle Network Plan, BusConnects CBC plans, and that project teams co-ordinate closely with the City Council’s Active Travel team.

Background info here- https://www.eirgridgroup.com/the-grid/projects/dublin/the-project/

Map of the potential cable routes- https://eirgrid-ie.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=04ff0…

Submit your thoughts here https://consult.eirgrid.ie/consultation/powering-dublin

Thursday, 4 May 2023 - 6:45pm

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