Campaign supports the Castletymon Road South Scheme

Dublin Cycling Campaign South Dublin Sub-Group has made a submission supporting the Castletymon Road South scheme in Tallaght. This ties in with the Castletymon Road North scheme which has been built to a high standard.

We encourage all cycle campaigner to make a personal submission by the 10 April 2024 SDCC Submission Portal.

Below are the details of our submission.

Dublin Cycling Campaign warmly welcomes the proposed scheme which will tie in with the Castletymon Road North cycle route, the Dodder Greenway and the Tallaght Main Street cycle route. The Castletymon Road North cycle route, which was recently built, is of a high standard. The completion of the Castletymon Road South section of the cycle tracks will provide a safe and attractive cycling route that connects with primary and secondary schools, the church, library, shopping centre, Tymon Park and several other sporting facilities.

We welcome in particular the following elements of the Castletymon Road South scheme:

  • The addition of segregated cycle tracks on both sides of the road
  • The segregation of the cycle tracks from the footpaths, which will reduce conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists
  • The extension of the scheme to connect with Scoil Aonghusa, Tallaght Community School and Tallaght Sports Complex and the traffic calming measures at the schools
  • The reduction of the carriageway width, which will reduce traffic speeds and noise and make it a quieter and safer road
  • Upgrades to the Main Road and Castletymon Road junction to prioritise safe cyclist and pedestrian movements.
  • The prioritisation of pedestrians and cyclists where side roads meet Castletymon Road

The proposed scheme could be improved by ensuring that the width of the cycle tracks are at least 2m. This would allow parents to cycle alongside their children and it would cater for wider bicycles.

In summary, we strongly support the scheme and believe it will provide a safe and attractive route for current and new cyclists of all ages.


Friday, 29 March 2024 - 9:00am

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