CBC11 Kimmage to City Centre - Round 3 Submission

Dublin Cycling Campaign broadly welcomes the latest proposals for CBC 11 from Kimmage to City Centre. This CBC will provide significant improvements for cyclists and pedestrians compared to both the current situation and the previous Emerging Preferred Route (EPR). We encourage cyclists to make their own submission. The deadline is 16 December and details of the latest plans and how to make a submission are available here.

The key points of our submission are outlined below.

The long stretches of segregated cycle tracks will provide a safe and direct route. Equally, the Poddle Cycleway will provide a quiet and attractive alternative cycle route. The retention of existing on-road cycle lanes along Lower Kimmage Road will facilitate experienced cyclists who want a more direct route. The reduction in traffic as a result of the bus gate and the introduction of the 30km/h speed limits along a significant stretch of the corridor will help to create a quieter and more attractive location for residents and those passing through.

In relation to the changes since the design published in March 2020, we welcome:

  • The shortening of the cycleway through Ravensdale Park that will reduce impact on trees and the amenity value of the park
  • The additional footbridge ant Robert Emmet Bridge to provide additional space for pedestrians and cyclists

However, we feel that the following elements need to be reconsidered:

  • The addition of parking spaces on the Eastern side of Kimmage Road Lower (near Sundrive Road) with no buffer zone for cyclists will make this section less safe for cyclists that the current situation
  • Considerable thought has been given to car parking spaces, but no space has been allocated for cycle parking. The design of the route will make it more attractive to do local trips and shop by bike, so space should be allocated for cycle parking, including larger bikes, e.g. cargo bikes, along the route.

We also feel that the plans need to take account of changes to travel patterns as a result of the pandemic, including:

  • reduced capacity on buses and more people cycling
  • more short local journeys, often by bicycle, as a result of working from home
  • reduced traffic volumes, but unfortunately an increase in speeds, leading to more serious collisions

Even when the pandemic is over, many people will continue to work from home. This means the design must consider not just the route into the city centre, but connectivity with other routes along the way. And serious consideration is needed on how compliance with speed limits will be achieved, in order to make the routes safe for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages.

Wednesday, 9 December 2020 - 8:30pm

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