Core Bus Corridor 9: Greenhills

The Greenhills to City Centre corridor is one of the longest. It is mixed. The are good sections on the new Greenhills Road and on Cork Street. However, there are many gaps in the proposed cycle tracks that need to be filled in. There are also two diversions for cyclists. One quiet good and indirect and unsafe diversion. We need your help to build a cycle route suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

The proposals would:

  • Build a new Greenhills Road with segregated cycle tracks
  • Upgrade the Walkinstown Roundabout to be safer for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Add cycle tracks to Bunting Road, which is a more direct road to the city centre
  • Upgrade Cork Street and Patrick Street with segregated cycle tracks

However, the Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified issues along the route.

The route from Greenhills to Walkinstown Roundabout passes through a number of large industrial estates. There will be heavy traffic and a large number of trucks/HGVs. HGVs are a serious danger to cyclists. The designs need to be improved to keep cyclists and HGVs separate.

BusConnects will remove the cycle lanes on Crumlin Road and divert cyclists onto Kildare Road. The proposed cycle detour on Kildare Road is unsafe. There are no cycle lanes proposed. It is a 50km/h road with lots of traffic. The National Transport Authority must do better here.

There are no cycle tracks on Crumlin Road between Sundrive Road and the Grand Canal. In Dolphins Barn there are some improves but cycle lanes disappear to add new turning lanes for motorised traffic.

This route also affects the junction at Chirstchurch. That junction was voted Dublin’s scariest junction by cyclists a few years ago. They are doing practically nothing to upgrade that junction for cyclists.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified many other issues, which are included in our draft submission linked at the end.

We need you to make a submission to the NTA. People need to show their support if they want to see these cycling improvements built. A submission is a short piece on how the NTA should change their proposals.

Some advice for writing a useful submission:

  • Be generally supportive
  • Keep it short and personal
  • Tell the NTA why this Core Bus Corridor affects you. Do you live nearby or cycle this route often? Mention that.
  • Include some of the Dublin Cycling Campaign’s key issues

Our key issues:

  • Walkinstown Roundabout upgrade should not mix walking and cycling
  • The Kildare Road diversion needs segregated cycle tracks
  • Dolphins Barn needs to be made safe for cyclists instead of adding extra turning lanes for motorised traffic
  • The Christchurch junction needs to be upgraded for cyclists


We need many voices demanding better cycling facilities or BusConnects will never deliver any improvements. Please:

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 (All day)

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