The Future of Templeogue Village

Templeogue Village is a busy suburban hub, with three large secondary schools nearby, and both a Bus Connects route and the Dodder Greenway will run through the Village. Yet the Templeogue Village Initiative, which South Dublin County Council has put out to tender, does little to improve the safety of cyclists visiting or travelling through the Village. Below are some of the concerns we have highlighted to councilors.

If you a a cyclist in the Rathfarnham-Templeogue or Firhouse-Bohernabreena area please contact your local councilors to express your concerns.

General Questions

  1. How do the current designs out for tender are deemed to comply with the 2018 Part 8 Planning signed off by councillors when there appears to be clear anomalies between the two plans. In the Chief Executive’s report, (Page 12 of the CE report)”It is proposed to retain the existing segregated route through the village with parking- protected cycle tracks” but in the tendered plans this is an on-road desegregated cycle path.
  2. The current Village Initiative Design and the preceding Part 8 design both pre-date Bus Connects. Why has it not been aligned with BusConnects and as per objectives of BusConnects incorporating a quality cycle corridor?
  3. In a county that has one of the highest rates in Ireland of students travelling to school by car, how do these plans accord with the Department of Education’s advice that students should walk or cycle to school as a key social distancing measure designed to protect the lives of parents, teachers and students?
  4. Given the large number of additional car parking spaces that are to be made available at the piggery site, why is it not possible to remove some of the Council’s on street parking to provide more space for cyclists and pedestrians?
  5. Where will the additional cycle parking be provided?

Western Gateway

  1. On the northern side how are the 6 reverse parking bays and 6 parallel parking bays beside the cycle lane compatible with the findings of the Road Safety Audit?
  2. Does the width of the cycle lane and space on either side and speed of traffic meet the Cycle Manual Guidelines?
  3. On the southern side how will the existing conflict between pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers and car drivers (utilising the private parking by shop fronts) be resolved?
  4. Was compulsory purchase considered to address issues that could not be resolved because of ownership?

Eastern Gateway

10.Does the width of the cycle lane and space on either side and speed of traffic meet the Cycle Manual Guidelines?

Dodder Greenway Access

  1. How is safe and practical (no requirement to dismount so early on) access to the Dodder Greenway is incorporated into the plans?
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Sunday, 20 September 2020 - 10:30am

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