Ireland to invest 10bn in cycling and sustainable travel

Today we are happy to see that the government has decided to make a real investment in cycling for Ireland with the roll out of a country wide cycling network with public transport connections for longer distances. Not only will the network provide for safe and easy separated cycling in Irish cities, but it will also connect towns and villages with a safe and convenient way to go about business.

Government sources have said, “It will only cost a mere 10bn which represents amazing value for money considering what it has taken to build motorways across the nation and facilitate oversized private transport.”

“It will make a real difference to the daily lives as cycling will be easy, safe and accessible to everyone”. “We really need to meet our COP21 targets for climate change, reduce air quality related illnesses and address a looming public health obesity crisis. By investing in cycling, walking and public transport we will also reduce the risks of road traffic collisions and pretty much eliminate traffic congestion. It will make the streets safer for people of all ages and abilities.”

Starting with the Greater Dublin Area Cycling Network, we will see the same invested in Galway, Cork, Limerick and Waterford. No town or village will be too small to be left behind from enabling sustainable travel with this real commitment.

Making the investment in the more sustainable train and bus services will be important for connecting people on longer distance journeys. “This will be cheaper for people to use to get around and will make Ireland competitive in the global market place once again. It is also projected to substantially increase the Irish tourism business and reduce the annual cost of traffic congestion to Irish businesses of 2.4bn.”

It is also noted in the plans that €100m has been ring fenced for enhancing the use of private motor vehicles in the country with the focus on addressing M50 demand by painting an extra lane on the left to get more traffic through at peak times.

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Friday, 1 April 2016 (All day)

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