LE2019 South Dublin Cycling Priorities - Firhouse - Bohernabreena

Here are the responses we received from local election candidates in Firhouse – Bohernabreena to the South Dublin Cycling Priorities.

Candidate: Rob Hunter, Social Democrats

You can have my support to make cycling better in South Dublin.

Candidate: Becky Smith, Fine Gael

I most certainly do understand challenges for cyclists. I cycle nearly every day and prefer it over public transport. Greenways I’d definitely develop. They are safe and beautiful, but also I used to use the River Dodder to cycle along when I worked in Sandymount. It’s a lovely bike ride and was safe too! The greenways make great ways to cycle across the city safely and reducing bikes on road. Of course improving and maintaining infrastructure….I know all the problems with dead end bike lanes,and suddenly having to pass people waiting at bus stops etc. Additionally, not being able to find somewhere to lock up your bike is a problem!! Dublin is not big, it is also very flat. It’s really an ideal cycling city and much needed for health, environment and to reduce traffic congestion. Our only problem is changing people’s habits and also the weather!! Encouraging children is where good habits start. My son has a bike now and it’s giving him lots of independence!

Candidate: Alan Edge, Independent

Thanks for getting in touch So far as the LEA of Firhouse-Bohernabreena is concerned, I am advocating for far greater public consultation when it comes to infrastructural changes to ensure that the methods employed to tackle the current infrastructural crisis locally are the right ones. Cyclists are among the groups of road users who must be invited to take a full and active part in those consultations.

I fully support the appointment of a full-time bike officer, the introduction of safe routes to schools, the promotion of safe everyday cycling, the creation of a bike share scheme and an audit and maintain programme and I will act accordingly if elected on 24th May.

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