LE2019 South Dublin Cycling Priorities - Palmerstown/Fonthill

Here are the responses we received in Palmerstown/Fonthill to the South Dublin Cycling Priorities.

Candidate Gus O’Connell Independent Palmerstown/Fonthill

“Thanks for your email and worthy initiative. I fully support ALL and believe we must work to have them implemented in a strategic fashion over the next five years. Give me a call after the elections. I will be concentrating in the first instance on cycling to school as I am already planning my campaign in my role as a Climate Ambassador. I’d like to involve your organisation if you are willing”

Candidate David Gardiner WorkersParty Palmertown/Fonthill

“Thanks for getting in touch, as a keen cyclist and member of the Dublin Fire Brigade Cycle Club(DFBCC), I’m in favour of all your aims and will sign up to same in the coming days”

Candidate Paul Gogarty indendent Lucan Palmerstown/Fonthill

“You can sign me up to all in terms of working towards however none of us have the power to implement. I’ve been on the SPC’s cycling sub committee and while it’s slow progress some of us are trying to move the agenda forward within the limits of our statutory powers”

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