Point Junction Upgrade Can't Come Soon Enough

The long-awaited – we mean really long, the NTA started funding designs in 2013! – conversion of the roundabout at 3Arena/ Point Depot/ North Wall Quay to a less hostile, signalised junction is out for consultation again by Dublin City Council and we’ve written to the Council with our views.

Our submission says, in summary, that the junction in its current roundabout form is deeply hostile to the use of bikes. We’re aware of at least one fatal collision at the roundabout, and several life-changing injuries to people on bikes. Making it into a signalised junction, with proper crossing points for pedestrians, and a cycle lane extending to the Tom Clarke (East Link) Bridge will be a real improvement. So, we support the scheme and urge its immediate implementation, but feel that it should be expanded to include more of the surrounding area, and adjusted in some minor respects.

In publishing the scheme, the Council say, ‘Dublin Port Company’s proposed relocation of their Terminal 3 access on East Wall Road (opposite the EXO Building) to Alexander Road will reduce the amount of HGV traffic at the junction thereby facilitating the construction of this project. The signalisation of the junction is needed to provide safe crossing facilities for pedestrian and cycling at this location. It will also be compatible with the following future projects in the vicinity:

  • Tolka Liffey Greenway (developed by Dublin Port Company)
  • East Coast Trail
  • BusConnects (Ringsend to City Centre Core Bus Corridor Route 16)
  • Point Pedestrian & Cycling Bridge’

See more at the Dublin City Council consultation page.

Click on the PDF link below to view our full submission.

Thursday, 22 December 2022 - 7:15pm

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