Safety concerns raised about new Kerb protected cycle lanes

Concerns have been raised at both area committee meetings in Fingal County Council (Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart/Castleknock/Ongar Area Committee & Balbriggan/Rush-Lusk/Swords Area Committee) regarding the Kerb protected cycle lanes in Hunstown/Hartstown and Rivervalley/Rathingle. A number of Councillors had received complaints from residents in the local areas regarding trips and falls and not seeing the kerbs and injuries mentioned were broken bones and wrist sprains. Cllr’s in both committees requested urgent meetings with the NTA and Cycle design office(CDO) and Fingal County Council to highlight their concerns. Cllr’s requested for the projects to be completely stopped pending a safety review. The projects weren’t stopped early due to the possibility of all funding being lost from the original stimulus package and the projects not being completed in time. Pending these safety reviews, other requests included that the kerbs were to be painted yellow or painted with reflective paint. Andrew Nolan from Fingal County Council stated that painted the kerbs yellow or with reflective paint wouldn’t enhance and effectively reduce the visibility of the kerbs when the new cycle lane surfacing is to be installed which is a buff coloured coating. The plans are to install this surfacing when the temperatures are warmer and there is less rain. Mr Nolan stated that they had received 4 official complaints about incidents with pedestrians in the Huntstown/Hartstown area. A request was for increased bollards to be installed. Andrew Nolan from FCC has stated that bollards were increased from every 20 meters to every 10 meters to enhance visibility of the Kerbs. Other issues were mentioned that the kerbs had made Buses and HGV’s impossible to drive safely. Mr Nolan had said there were no issues raised from Dublin Bus about buses being able to pass and safety reviews of the roads prior to the projects starting factored in passing distances for buses and other vehicles like cars and HGV’s. The road has 3 meters on both sides of the road and its in line with DMURS. Mr Nolan stated that certain locations will be changed to allow pedestrians to cross the road without having to step over the kerbs especially at busy desire lines such as Brookdale estate location which is quite busy and lots of people crossing over the road to the shops.

Cllr Kit raised the issue in the Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart/Castleknock/Ongar Area Committee, you can watch the discussion here in this webinar link Cllr Kit discusses the motion at 2 Hours 4 mins 59 secs. Councillor T. Kitt - Hartstown Cycle Lanes. AI055699 “That the Chief Executive urgently addresses the safety concerns with the newly installed cycle lanes in Hartstown and to address the numerous concerns raised by local residents in many of the local Estates.” The motion is item # 21 in the attached agenda below

Cllr Newman raised this issue Balbriggan/Rush-Lusk/Swords Area Committee. You can watch the discussion on the weblink Cllr newman motion is disussed at 57 mins 45 seconds. Councillor J. Newman - Safer Cycleways - Swords - AI056358 “That the Chief Executive produce a report on what issues have been highlighted in relation to the installation of the new safer cycleways along the Rivervalley and Rathingle road in Swords and to include what actions have been taken to address issues of safety that have been highlighted in relation to the kerbing at the edge of the cycleways.”

Originally article on the Kerb protected cycle lanes

Friday, 15 January 2021 - 5:15pm

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