Submission to NTA re Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy

Dublin Cycling Campaign / made a detailed submission on Friday 13th November to the NTA in regard to their Draft Transport Strategy 2016-2035 for the Greater Dublin Area.

We strongly support most of the public transport proposals in the plan and endorse the NTA’s acknowledgement that urban cycling is a core part of Dublin’s transport solution. We think the NTA could go much further however with progressive interventions such as 30kph and the development of cycle logistics / cargo bike use in built-up areas - as is promoted by the European Cycle Logistics Federation for example.

We have particular issues with the majority of proposals around road upgrades, which can only lead to increased use of private transport, and thus greater congestion, and increases in carbon emissions. Unless these upgrades are specifically related to public transport improvements and include restrictions on private car use through some forms of demand management, they should not be considered.

Overall, there is great merit in the plan. However, we do not think the NTA is sufficiently engaged with the urgency of the need for the Irish transport sector to radically reduce its transport emissions and hence for transport investment in the GDA to shift much more radically to the active modes and high quality public transport. We need to demotorise.

Friday, 13 November 2015 (All day)

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