Support option A for BusConnects through Rathmines village

Dublin Cycling Campaign needs you to support the proposed Option A for the BusConnects plan. We discuss the difference between Options A and B below,

BusConnects Option A (preferred option) will mean:

  • Kerb-protected cycle tracks and bus lanes in both directions on Rathmines Road Lower

  • To make space for bus lanes and cycle tracks, general traffic will be one-way only

  • Direct route into the city centre for cyclists

BusConnects Option B will mean:

  • No cycle lanes at all on Rathmines Road

  • Rathmines Road will be widened to four traffic lanes ( 2 Bus lanes and 2 Car lanes)

  • Rathmines Village will become much less accessible by bike

The cycle route being considered is removing the current cycle lane on Rathmines Road and diverting cyclists through a network of narrow alleyways, residential roads, and through two schools. This will mean: Your journey through Rathmines will be 600 m longer

How can YOU support cycling in Rathmines?

  • Email before 30th April saying you support Option A

  • Contact your local representatives to tell them that you support BusConnects and Option A

Spread the word Once you’ve sent the email tell other cyclists what you know about this cycle route. It is important that any cyclist who would benefit from this proposed cycle route speaks up to the NTA or they may select Option B as it is easier to divert cyclists and cars. Do you know any residents who live in this area and will benefit? Tell them too.

Do you work for a business that is along Rathmines or nearby streets? Convince your company to write a submission to the NTA. Submissions from organisations are hugely important for showing the NTA the broad based support for more safe protected cycle route.

Do your part We all need to do our part if we want to make Dublin a safe and friendly place for people of all ages to cycle. If you haven’t already send the email. Then please spread the word to cyclists, residents and business owners in this area.

Saturday, 16 March 2019 (All day)

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