Traffic calming measures for Clonsilla road.

At a recent local area committee meeting for Blanchardstown, Mulhuddart, Castleknock and Ongar a request was put in by Cllr O’Mahony for traffic calming measures along the Clonsilla road. The section of road starting at the junction of main street Blanchardstown situated close to Blanchardstown Credit Union and Garda station up to the junction at Coolmine road situated beside Coolmine woods, The T-Junction beside Coolmine woods is also a major point for vehicles to turn left towards Coolmine train station if travelling from Blanchardstown village. The road is a 2 lane carriageway with no cycling facilities and is 1 km long. Cllr O’Mahony had noted there were incidents of speeding and dangerous driving. Fingal County Councils 2020 programme of works included two speed readers which were installed to monitor the traffic along this section of road. Fingal County Councils response is to wait and see what the speed readers record as they were only installed in November 2020. The response from Traffic Dept within Fingal CoCo is unfortunate as It’s delaying what is obviously a dangerous road for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists with fast moving traffic. Cllr O’Mahony had mentioned that the traffic lights at the Roselawn junction slows vechiles down but there are long sections with no calming measures and vehicles can pick up speed. He also mentioned there are three childcare facilities and local school Francis Xavier. Another issue is late at night the problem gets worse as their isn’t other vechiles quesing at lights. Cllr Tracey agreed with the motion. Both Councillors point out that the speeds were reduced due to backlogs in vehicles travelling to Blanchardstown shopping center but further measures are required. Cllr Conroy asked how long the speed readers will be installed before a decision is made on traffic calming. The Chief executive responded that the survey will take place over 3 months.

Cllr O’Mahony Item 12 is discussed at 15 minutes and 55 seconds A Google map link is provided to show you the locations being discussed.

Saturday, 19 December 2020 - 10:30pm

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