Dublin City Leads the Way in Reducing Speed Limits - Have Your Say

Dublin City Council are moving to declare an essentially default 30kph speed limit within the City boundaries, with only selected arterial routes at higher speeds. This is a major statement by the City Council, which recognises the damage that higher speeds can cause, and the number of incidents on Dublin’s streets resulting in deaths and serious injuries over the past years. Lower speeds can help to reduce casualty levels on our streets, particularly for people walking and cycling. The proposed speed limit changes are open for consultation right now till August 13th next. We urge you to give broad support for this major safety initiative, with a few suggestions to seek changes, as outlined below.

Dublin Cycling Campaign broadly supports this initiative, but as you can see from the accompanying map of the proposed speed limit changes, there are a number of routes which retain higher speed limits. Dublin Cycling Campaign is unhappy with some of these decisions, and will be reviewing them in detail and making a considered submission. We will continue to update this web post in the coming month to give you our considered views. But, we urge you to review these proposed limits yourself and make your own submission. It is important that voices in favour of a slower and safer city are heard.

We also want these speed limit proposals to be complemented with a detailed city wide signage and markings plan, to make it clear to all road users what the posted speed limit is at all times. This should be supported by a comprehensive media campaign. Also, in certain areas there will be requirements to complement the new speed limits with appropriate infrastructural or other modifications to ensure that the speed limits are adhered to. In particular the needs of vulnerable road users, cyclists and pedestrians, need to be designed for. There are numerous existing roadways where cyclists in particular are placed in danger due to existing vehicle speeds and close passing manoeuvres.

You will find our submission to Dublin City Council attached below.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2020 (All day)

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