Unacceptable Cycling Deaths

11 Cyclists Tragically Killed in Ireland Already in 2017

What has happened on Irish Roads in 2017 that has brought about this relative carnage of killing cyclists, when, before we have yet reached mid-year we have already seen more cycling deaths than in all of 2016, which in itself was a high level compared to most previous years?

What has happened is that there are more vehicles on Irish roads fighting for limited road space, as the economy strengthens, but investment in safe cycling infrastructure has not kept pace with these changes. And there are a lot more cyclists, with an increase of 42% in the number of daily commuting cyclists and more than a third of people getting out on the bike at least once a week - see Amárach research results PDF below . We need serious investment in cycling infrastructure, implementation of the recommendations of the National Cycling Policy Framework, serious promotion of cycling, and the Department of Transport Tourism & Sport to take cycling as a transport mode seriously. The Dublin Cycling Campaign has called for a minimum of 10% of the transport budget to go to cycling, while the UN recommends that 20% of national transport budgets should be spent on cycling and walking. This compares to our present government’s funding levels of approximately 2% of transport spending.

Cycling Ireland, the National Governing Body for Cycling in Ireland, have also come out strongly on this issue in this report as they recognise that things need to change. Next week we will be jointly meeting with Transport Minister Shane Ross, and raising some of these critical issues around Cycling and Transport.

Make your own voice heard by contacting your Local Authority and your local elected representatives and advocate for safe cycling facilities countrywide!

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Thursday, 22 June 2017 (All day)

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