Unproven BusConnects Junction Designs a Cause for Concern

Dublin Cycling Campaign has expressed serious concerns about the designs being proposed for major traffic junctions across Dublin as part of the BusConnects project.

Dedicated cycle routes form a core aspect of BusConnects, with junctions being the places where cyclists require the most protection. The National Transport Authority has developed its own unique layout for these junctions, but campaigners are worried that best practice international designs for cycling junctions are being ignored.

The primary concern with the NTA’s unproven design concept is that people cycling are not being given clear protection from left-turning vehicles. This is a core principle of international best practice for protecting cyclists at junctions. The NTA’s design will give left-turning motor vehicles and people cycling straight ahead a green light at the same time.

“Ireland is several decades behind the likes of Denmark and the Netherlands in terms of cycling infrastructure and we should be looking to those countries for inspiration,” says Kevin Baker, Dublin Cycling Campaign Chairperson. “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel instead of following proven international standards.”

Ellen Cullen, Vice Chairperson of Dublin Cycling Campaign says, “BusConnects represents a unique opportunity to enable thousands of people who don’t currently cycle to get on their bikes in a safe and attractive environment, suitable for all ages and abilities. There is no evidence that these experimental junction designs will create such an environment.”

The latest set of designs for BusConnects (Round 3) can be viewed here.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2020 - 12:00pm

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