BusConnects Core Bus Corridors Explained

Monday, 11 March 2019 (All day)
Central Hotel, Dublin @ 7pm

All Cyclists Need to Understand The Implications of the Bus Connects Core Bus Corridor Project

The BusConnects Core Bus Corridors is a once in a lifetime opportunity for cyclists in Dublin. BusConnects is the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) masterplan for bus travel in Dublin, and it proposes to build 230km of bus lanes and 200km of segregated cycle track on 16 key routes into the city. This will make BusConnects the largest cycling infrastructure project in the history of the state. We, as cyclists, need to ensure that BusConnects succeeds, and delivers to its full potential. Already considerable opposition is building to some of the proposed routes. While many aspects of the proposed designs for cycling infrastructure are not great, Cyclists need to generally support this project, but lobby to ensure it delivers good cycling infrastructure!

So, To learn more about it, to have your say, and to make a difference, come along on Monday night next 11th March to the Central Hotel, and discover what you can do, and what are the main issues, to ensure that, as cyclists in Dublin, we get the infrastructure we need and deserve! We will be presenting an in-depth report on how YOU, as a cyclist, can make a difference! In the meantime, for further background on the BusConnects project check out our reports on each route or the official BusConnects Core Bus Corridor website.

On the night you will also get a chance to hear about our great Joyce-Cycle (https://joyce-cycle.com/) participation in this year’s Dublin St Patrick’s Day Parade!

We look forward to seeing you next Monday, and to Making a Difference for Cycling in Dublin into the future!


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