Dublin's Future: From Potholes to Progress

Dublin's Future: From Potholes to Progress

Dublin Cycling Campaign is delighted to release its brand new video entitled “Dublin’s Future: From Potholes to Progress”- see below. It was produced by DCC member Mark O’Neill, and in the video Mark shows why the future is looking bright for active transport in Dublin.

However, this bright future does depend on Dublin Cycling Campaign continuing with its campaigning and advocacy work to ensure that the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan is steadily implemented over the coming years and done so to a high standard.

Dublin Cycling Campaign does this advocacy work through committees of the Council to which we have been elected / appointed, through technical submissions we make on a regular basis, and through our other engagements with Councillors, officials and the media.

We are asking you to join Dublin Cycling Campaign and to persuade your friends to do likewise. We rely on volunteers contributing their time, passion and expertise, and on membership subscriptions from ordinary people who want to support our advocacy work.

Help us do more for cycling in Dublin by becoming a member!