Bike-n-Rail-n-Sail Adventure from Dublin to London!

Dublin Cycling Campaign keeps a close eye on what is happening in London on the campaigning front and we also keep in touch with our colleagues in CycleNation UK ( and CTC / Cyclists’ Touring Club (

On Saturday 22nd of November, London Cycling Campaign (LCC) hosts the annual CN / CTC cycling conference (which, incidentally, we hosted in Dublin exactly 10 years ago). The really terrific speaker line-up and other details have just been announced - see here

Around half a dozen of us in Dublin Cycling Campaign and are planning to head over for a weekend of cycling, socialising and forging stronger links with campaigners in Britain. We want to find out what tactics are working in making London’s streets safer for cycling. We plan to travel by rail and sail and (foldable) bike: travel on Friday, conference Saturday, local cycles on Sunday and travel home on Monday (or Sunday if some prefer). We aim to keep the costs down so we expect some to be staying with long-lost friends and family in London and others in reasonably priced accommodation or with contacts in LCC.

If you fancy a little adventure with a few DCCers and want more information, do contact Damien Ó Tuama ASAP: damodublin [at]

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Friday, 14 November 2014 (All day)

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