Call to Make Space for Cyclists in South Dublin

During May 2020 we carried out a survey of our members who live and cycle in South Dublin. We asked for feedback on cycle track maintenance issues, and suggestions on how to create a safer space cyclists and pedestrians.

The key issues raised by those who responded to the survey were:

  • The need for protected cycle lanes on all major routes
  • Opening up our villages to pedestrians and cyclists by removing parking spaces
  • Removal or redesign kissing gates, which prevent access for some bikes, wheelchairs and buggies, involve physical contact to open, and are the focus for anti-social behaviour
  • Making best use of existing cycling facilities through enhanced maintenance and effective parking enforcement
  • Giving access to green routes through housing estates

We have written to south Dublin County Council to urge them to implement measures to make it safer and more comfortable for people to walk and cycle in their local area. We have also sent in a list of existing cycle lanes where there are maintenance issues. There is an urgent need to create a safer space for cyclists for the duration of the Covid emergency while public transport capacity is reduced. There is also a unique opportunity to introduce new measures while traffic volumes are low.

Saturday, 6 June 2020 (All day)

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